A Thanksgiving Prayer for all America

Dear Lord thank you for guiding our forefathers' ships safely across the Atlantic to this bountiful land. Thank you for giving them the wisdom to realize that the one million people living in America, were not the children of Adam & Eve living in the Garden of Eden. Despite the spiritual harmony they shared with the land and the animals, they were but simple heathens deserving no more than a good Christian burial. As we, the children of god, moved westward, we began to realize the vast unconsumed resources you had bestowed upon us; that in fact, the heathens had preserved for us for twenty-thousand years. In proportion of the enormous gift you have given us we have been working diligently to fully possess this land. As offerings to your greatness we have laid waste to the great herds of bison, bound this land in barb-wire and black-top, contaminated the water and polluted the sky. It has only been three hundred years but we have been hard at work. Thank you for showing us how to marginalize the original inhabitants so they are no risk to our civilized ways, yet they remain among us to see the greatness of our civilization and our god. Dear Lord if you grant us just 300 more years we can guarantee we will have consumed or possessed every resource you put on this planet and all inhabitants will be Christian or dead, or both.