Top 10 Signs your Employer may be an Evil Empire

10. Your unit has high quality, matching uniforms and equipment.

9. Your employer trains you to follow orders without thinking, and further, this unquestioning nature is critical to your survival.

8. You are taught that the use of lethal force is the only true test of manhood.

7. You earn in a day what your enemy earns in a few weeks.

6. While in a foreign land, you bribe everybody and you buy anything you can get away with, and later dismiss those people as cheap and corrupt.

5. You try to numb the guilt and pain of being a stormtrooper of the Empire with all sorts of drugs and compulsions, and call these activities "having fun".

4. Information gathering is more important than civilian life or limb.

3. As a sign of a cosmic joke, God has put your resources in other people's territory.

2. You believe you are under constant threat, so you attack first.

1. Your employer has a super weapon that can kill a planet.