It is frequently said that money is the root of all evil. And there is a general agreement when the statement is spoken, but what does it actually mean. How can the mainstay of modern life be the root of all evil? It is common to hear it attributed to criminal activity, such as robbery and even murder. Liberals will point out that criminal activity is a symptom of unfair resource distribution. So, to be the 'root of all evil', it must go deeper than simply inspiring criminal activity. Let's go back in time to the colonial period. Colonialism and slavery in the Americas is a pretty well understood period and generally looked upon as evil. For a wealthy European person to purchase land and slaves in America to grow cotton, the necessity of money becomes readily apparent. For example, without money the wealthy European person would only be able to use so much cotton products himself, or be able to trade cotton for so long for other goods. Eventually he would no longer need more cotton or be able to trade cotton for what he does need. This simple example brings two things to light. When a wealthy European purchased land and slaves in America and ran a cotton plantation they are exploiting two natural resources. The wealthy European is extracting the inherent wealth of the land. Meaning the stored energy in the natural rich soil. And they are also taking advantage of exploited people, the folks forced into slavery. Let's dive into the value of the rich soil. First, top soil as we know it today is the product of millions of years of development through the breakdown of rock and minerals, the life and death of millions of animals, from bacteria and insects to earthworms and trees. One year of corn crops consumes 2000 years worth of nutrients from the soil. When Europeans first started coming to North America the average top soil depth was 18 inches, today it is 8 inches. Does the legal right to purchase land also give you the legal right to extract millions of years of value from the land? Why would we want to allow individuals to hoard millions of years of wealth into their single lifetime?