Random rantings about modern American life

Capitalism: systematically rewarding the most efficient exploiter
Capitalism: systematically rewarding the massive over-consumption of natural resources

It is time to wake up from the American dream. We must set aside our football fantasies, sexual fantasies and dreams of being rich. Before it is too late we must take a good hard look at the real world we live in: the oceans, mountains, forests, the plants and animals that sustain us. The Earth is enormous, it challenges our comprehension, but it is finite and is no match for our industrialized society. We know we can nuke life on earth into oblivion at any point, but, because we have the power to destroy all life, doesn't imply that we are responsible enough to sustain life. We are overlooking that our industry is steadily deteriorating the earth and will not stop until earth can no longer sustain industry. This deterioration comes through many means, the most notable are: desertification, deforestation, over fishing, over mining, over-population and continual pollution of air, water and soil. Absent from this list is the most controversial and possibly disastrous result of industrial civilization: global warming.

Just one hundred fifty years ago, mankind discovered the amazing fuel, oil. Slave labor in the fields was replaced by machines. Industry took off; enormous fortunes were made; food became abundant and cheap. With all the caution of drunken frat boys at their first keg party, the industrial civilization has raged onward and upward for decades. Fueled by cheap and abundant energy from oil, the party keeps going. There seems to be no limit to the extravagances and every year there is a larger thirst for oil than the year before. Now the environmentalists are starting to speak up; the earth is running out of resources (aka, the keg is almost tapped) and they are questioning how we will clean up this mess. The environmentalists are saying that Mother Nature and Father Time are going to be home soon and we are all going to have some explaining to do. So far the people in charge are ridiculing the environmentalists, most of us are too drunk (on consumerism and pop culture) to care and the party keeps going full tilt. We are approaching the point that even our Mother may not be able to save us from ourselves. There is a big beautiful world out there, but don't fool yourself, mankind absolutely has the power to destroy it and is ridiculously close to doing just that. Don't let the lies from government, corporations, media and our own consumer driven dysfunctions keep us from seeing the reality of our situation. You can handle the reality, we may even be able to handle our predicament.

The most influential men amongst us value their self-indulgent greed above the lives of others. People all around the world are suffering and dying under their machinations. These captains of industry are destroying the world in the pursuit of more and the majority of us are cheering them on unwittingly. In fact, without our knowledge we have come to depend on an economic system that only works at the harsh expense of other people and the planet. In school they used to call this economic system colonialism, today they call it free trade. It even rhymes with slave trade so it's easy to remember. We can see the system at work as easily as shopping at the grocery store, where we can buy fresh fruit and vegetables shipped from other countries around the world. We know that these foreign countries have a percentage of families that are starving to death. Why would other countries sell us their food when their own people are starving? Why is the annual U.S. military spending more than the next 9 countries combined? Can it be that simple and brutal? The capitalists are very good at baffling us with bullshit. We need to stop turning a blind eye to these real problems and begin examining the economic, political and business systems, that put us on this path.

If this discourse strikes a chord with you. The following books capture these ideas: beautifully, poetically and factually.

'The Vegetarian Myth' by Lierre Keith
'Deep Green Resistance' by Derrick Jensen
'Resistance Against Empire' by Derrick Jensen
'Lives Less Valuable' by Derrick Jensen
'Songs of the dead' by Derrick Jensen
'What we leave behind' by Derrick Jensen
'How shall I live my life?' by Derrick Jensen
'Now This War Has Two Sides' by Derrick Jensen
'As the World Burns' by Derrick Jensen
'Thought to Exist in the Wild' by Derrick Jensen
'Strangely Like War' by Derrick Jensen
'A Language Older than Words' by Derrick Jensen
'The Culture of Make Believe' by Derrick Jensen
'Listening to the Land' by Derrick Jensen

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