Original Consumerism

Let's take a look at earth history from a different point of view. Let's change our view of Earth from an inanimate collection of elements, to a highly evolved living being comprised of all the living communities and the inanimate resources those communities need. This shift in perception isn't that great for followers of Christianity, just take the beliefs of god and shift them from an un-embodied astral being to the Earth as a whole. Just imagine Earth as conscious being that is all knowing, all caring and all planning for every living creature, and that is a pretty good start for this story.

Mother Earth had watched over the multitudes of life forms for millions of years. As the dinosaurs began to grow into their own they were a fascinating, vibrant community. They took to the oceans, the land and the skies. The dinosaur community grew both in numbers and size. And with that growth they started to impact the communities they were dependent upon. In many ways the dinosaurs were the original consumers. Their numbers skyrocketed; each new generation consuming more and more of the foundation communities that supported them. The dinosaurs paid no attention to what was happening to these other communities, they just kept growing in size and numbers. Over millions of years, the dinosaur grew so large in size and numbers that the communities of plants and phytoplankton could no longer keep up with the demands for cleaning carbon dioxide out of the atomosphere and replenishing the oxygen. Earth's climate began to change. The dinosaur's were completely unaware of the impact that their consumer driven community was having on the planet. The dinosaurs kept eating the plants, the tiny animals and having children. Since the dinosaurs were unable or unwilling to change their consumer driven community, they eventually changed the Earth's the climate so it was no longer habitable to them and they all had to lie down and die. It could be said they ate and fucked their way to extinction.

The rise and fall of the dinosaurs broke mother Earth's heart and she went into a long cold period of mourning. During that time she decided the dinosaurs should be forced to the skies, so that, they may never again, grow so large as to over consume the plant communities. She also dreamt of a new species that was self aware, with language and tools. This new species could be a caretaker, so such runaway consumption would not happen again. The new species grew into mankind and quickly moved to inhabit all parts of Mother Earth.